Veggie Revolution

I set out on this mission to help my generation, friends, family, coworkers. Let’s learn together, better, stand up. I want to make a small difference in the world. I have passion and love here which really goes beyond helping get out ideas for kiddos but for us as adults too.

Thinking back on all those years I spent in the restaurant industry, with food, with customer’s comments (amazing and full of praise) they make me happy. I will never forget all those people in my past and present that encouraged and continue to push me up hill to try new things and keep on keeping on.

Now as a wife who has completely changed my world around and took on a job as Mommy and Toddler Chef, I think where has my passion for Food gone to? I love Burritos, pizza, pasta, ice cream, potato chips and chocolate amything. Where did my love of Veggies and Fruit go? I’m taking it back. I knew I am being unhealthy. I just kept saying “all I need to do is get my kid to eat well” Focus on him – Tunnel Vision –


No. The whole family needs to get healthy, time to stop worring. Time to start a new permit routine.




Published by

Robin Eubanks

Just the family and the dog in the journey of life, Portland, Oregon.

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